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What is
Community Empowerment

The conception of community empowerment is from Japanese 「まちづくり」, U.K. community architectures and American community design. The core spirit is “engage”,”openness”, and“share”. It builds mutual trust network through disclosing information and sharing resources during communities’participation to increase the bonds between communities.

Empowerment in Taiwan

Community empowerment in Taiwan involve communities green beautification, revitalize old spaces, healthy community and cultivate I.T. talents.

How to Start Community

  • STEP


    STEP 1 Kick-off


    Form a community empowerment group of 3-5 to discuss about community and social issues.

  • STEP


    STEP 2 Incubation


    Refer to the model of The World Café to discuss about community and social public topics.

  • STEP


    STEP 3 Research


    Check community resources and find out the characters of the community through SWOT analysis.

  • STEP


    STEP 4 Vision


    Create a vision workshop, where community members can discuss the future expectation of the community.

  • STEP


    STEP 5 Plan


    Build up medium and long-term development plans based on discussion results and community needs.

  • STEP


    STEP 6 Execution


    Find local resources and seek for public sector resources.

Taoyuan Community Overview

  1. 2004-2006

  2. 2007-2010

  3. 2011

  4. 2012-2014

  5. 2015

  6. 2016

  7. 2017

  8. 2018

  9. 2019

  • Taoyuan County Government established “The Taoyuan Empowerment Network”, operated by the Taoyuan County Cultural Foundation.

2004-2006 Taoyuan Community Overview picture
  • “The Taoyuan Empowerment Network” was taken over by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan County Government.

  • In 2000, “Taoyuan Neighbours’ Day” was held to explore local delicacies and culture features.

2007 Taoyuan Community Overview picture
  • Taoyuan Community Empowerment Program (The second phase of "New Hometown" Community Development Project) continually counselled for 20-30 cases of community capacity-building.

2011 Taoyuan Community Overview picture
  • At the end of 103, Taoyuan was officially upgraded to the sixth municipality.

  • Community Empowerment Program opened individual proposals, expanded the range of recipients of subsidies and increased amount to subsidize.

2012-2014 Taoyuan Community Overview picture
  • Increased the budgets of the Community Empowerment Program and the number of community empowerment proposals to 60-70 cases.

  • “Taoyuan Neighbours’ Day” was transformed into Taoyuan Community Empowerment Exposition, which was extended for 9 days. Community Empowerment International Forum was held for the first time.

2015 Taoyuan Community Overview picture
  • The third phase of "New Hometown" Community Development Project and Village Cultural Development Project (referred to as Community Empowerment 3.0) started, the civil affairs office became the model of demonstrative operation, and participated in community empowerment for the first time.

  • Established Community Empowerment Promotion Committee.

  • First board of Humanities and Cultures of offices and civil affairs offices.

  • For the first time, the environmental art action plan was planned with the Arts and Museum Events series, and the Taoyuan Land Art Festival was used to disturb the community.

2016 Taoyuan Community Overview picture
  • The Community Empowerment Promotion Committee is divided into three authorities and responsibility groups. To build policy consensus and strengthen the promotion cross-office community-oriented administration through group discussions.

  • Based on Taoyuan old town and executed “Building the City” community empowerment action plans.

2017 Taoyuan Community Overview picture
  • Established Community-Oriented Administration Project Office.

  • Based on the cultural and historical records and community building achievements of Zhongli old town, the design is transformed into a “Holy Land” outdoor reality game.

  • Integration of cross-office resources, touring 13 administrative districts for the community empowerment joint interpretation conference.

2018 Taoyuan Community Overview picture
  • Civil affairs offices joined the community empowerment plan.

  • For the first time, the civil affairs offices were included in the Community Empowerment Promotion Committee; the direct head of the civil affairs office was taken as ex officio member to strengthen the institutionalized role of the District Office in promoting the construction of relevant organizational structure of community empowerment.

  • For the first time, the principal axis of the Community Empowerment Exposition is connected with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, presenting local characteristics and integrating with international standards.

2019 Taoyuan Community Overview picture